Good Dangers – DFYF

DFYF (which translates to Don’t Fuck Your Friends) is the debut single from Good Dangers out March 19th. In anticipation of their debut Good Dangers were giving away Abigail as a free download which you can still get here.

Not short of quirkiness, Good Dangers introduce themselves, ‘We wrote these songs in our living room, borrowed a friend’s computer and recorded them there.
We wrote too many parts, so had to ask Jen to join the band. she said maybe.
We all moved pretty much next door, the same part of London. Living on top of each other makes it easier most of the time. More songs came, sometimes we disagreed, but that’s ok.
People thought the songs were good, so we learnt to play them live.
Gavin made some videos, Howie made some art. John bought a drum kit. Max mostly sat in the kitchen with his guitar.
We still write and record in our houses.’

DFYF (Don’t Fuck Your Friends) useful advice from the band in the shape of authoritative piano and vocals reminiscent of a laid back Ting Tings.

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