You Walk Through Walls

You Walk Through Walls is a new musical venture formed from the ashes of Air Formation. After Air Formation ended last year Matt Bartram started writing new songs and roped in former AF drummer James Harrison, before completing the new trio with friend and bass player, Harry Irwin.

Their name You Walk Through Walls is taken from the title of a late and unheard Air Formation track and as Matt explains, ‘I really loved the name but was initially hesitant to use something from my musical past in a new band. As the band took shape though I realised it was a pretty powerful statement that suited what we were doing. Since then it’s become a true reflection of our live sound and overall outlook. I’m proud of my past so I can happily take that one little part with me.’

You Walk Through Walls have recently finished recording their debut EP Destroyed Places which will be out this summer. Carrying on the shoegaze mantle Sleepwalking and Not Like You At All from the EP are now available to listen to.

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