Menomena – Heavy Is As Heavy Does

Following the success of their 2010 album Mines, that recieved 4 & 5 star reviews across the board, Menomena were faced with the loss of band member Brendt Knopf. Danny Seim and Justin Harris however decided to continue making music, noting, ‘We lost a major creative force in Brent, but thankfully, Brent’s not Kurt Cobain, and we’re not Nirvana.’

Recasting Menomena as a duo, high school friends Danny and Justin got to work recording third album Moms. The record was split 50/50 between the duo’s personal experiences. Explaining the album’s family theme, Danny says, ‘When I started writing my songs for the record last June, I was 34 years old. My mom died when I was 17, in June of 1994. It hit me that I had spent as much time on Earth without her as I did with her, so I started writing all my songs based on that realization. I talked to Justin about it, and he had the opposite experience – his dad took off at a really young age, and he was raised by his mom, so his mom is still a really active role in his life. We thought it would be an interesting parallel: the mom being really involved in your life and the mom being not involved in your life at all.’

The first single from the album is Heavy Is As Heavy Does and whilst Brendt’s departure may have left them feeling vulnerable, Menomena have bravely laid the branches of their family trees bare for all to listen. This is no where more clear than in opening lyrics, ‘heavy are the branches hanging from my fucked up family tree’. However it is as if on purpose this track was chosen as the first single, as whilst a humble piano riff acknowledges the difficulty of the past, chainsaw guitar swoops in and severs old ties/issues in a therapeutic manner. As a returning statement, Heavy Is As Heavy Does shows Menomena don’t believe in second chances and more importantly, that they are back in business.

Menomena UK & European Tour Dates:

11/23/12 Glasgow at Captain’s Rest
11/24/12 Leeds at Brudenell Social Club
11/26/12 London at Cargo
11/28/12 Paris at Point Ephemere
11/29/12 Strasbourg at Laiterie
11/30/12 Munich at Atomic Cafe
12/01/12 Berlin at Postbahnhof
12/03/12 Hamburg at Uebel & Gehahrlich
12/04/12 Koln at Gebaude 9
12/05/12 Amsterdam at Paradiso
12/06/12 Brussels at Botanique Buy tickets
12/08/12 Camber Sands, UK at ATP Festival (SOLD OUT)

Moms will be out 8th October on Barsuk Records.

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