Pyyramids – Human Beings

What do you get when you mix OK GO‘s bassist, Tim Norwind and ex-He Say She Say frontwoman, Drea Smith? Textured, moody indie-pop in the form of Pyyramids!

Their friendship blossomed through their inboxes after Smith and Norwind were introduced by a mutual friend and began exchanging music via email. The pair found they had common ground in their love of dark british pop like The Smiths and Joy Division, making a collaboration seem natural. The cyber-relationship was transformed when Smith visited Norwind in LA and they recorded some tracks. The success of these led Smith to later relocate to LA to fully concentrate on Pyyramids and their debut EP Human Beings will be released September 17th on Paracadute.

Norwind produces upbeat electro pop backdrops which are instantly darkened by Smith’s laid-back delivery. Smith’s vocals ooze over Norwind’s rapid beats and synths, making it difficult to work out whether you should be dancing or wallowing. Tracks That Aint Right and Perfect Picture stand out, offering sounds like a pop infused Polica. Fifth track Animal feels slighty out of place, departing from the normal thread of the EP with its crowded, punk edge. However overall Human Beings is an exciting introduction to Pyyramids, this is a collaboration of two musical minds that seem made for eachother.

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