Tom Hickox – The Angel of the North

For Tom Hickox to shun music at an early age, only to recently be compared to such greats as Leonard Cohen and Tom Waits, music must be in his blood.

Despite being brought up by his late father Richard Hickox CBE, who was one of Britain’s most renowned conductors and his mother, an orchestral timpanist, Tom rejected music completely and never had formal lessons. ‘I knew as a kid I couldn’t possibly compete with my dad, and I didn’t want to. My parents let me doodle on instruments around the house. Really, I am untrained musician but I have a lot in my guts and in my ears that I picked up by osmosis.’

A passion for literature in his teenage years led Tom to begin to write his own music. After doing a masters in sound recording, Tom self-released a DIY album, Fear In A Handful of Dust. He then picked up a management and publishing deal with Warner Chappell.

Gigging extensively, Tom performed at SXSW, Glastonbury and the Big Chill. ‘It has been a long journey to identify my own unique space,’ says Tom. ‘I need to write hundreds of songs to get to the point where I am consistently delivering material that resonates on more than just a simple level, and that I care deeply about.’

Tom’s current single is The Angel Of The North (which is available as a FREE download from his soundcloud below), the beautiful video for the track was directed by De La Muerte Film Company. His upcoming album War Peace And Diplomacy is due out in spring next year.

To see Tom in person, the voice that bellows out is unexpected. There is such depth to his vocals, it is as if he is channeling an old weather-beaten soul and that is what makes his music so capitvating.

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