Klak Tik – Reborn

Reborn out November 26th is the new single from Klak Tik. Taken from their forthcoming second album The Servants due spring 2013.

Their debut album Must We Find A Winner won Klak Tik a 9/10 review from NME, who compared the band to Sufjan Steves and James Mercer.

Leaving East London the band moved to the Welsh village of Penrhos, drawing inspiration from the cold january sea, Klak Tik began recording in a studio deep underground beneath the Parys Mountain.

A song about escaping from behind our desks to spend an eternal Sunday skimming pebbles into the sea, Søren Bonke, songwriter in the band, explains the inspiration behind Reborn:-

‘I was travelling on the Piccadilly Line towards Ealing during rush hour one morning and I was looking at this man in a suit sitting across from me. He looked like a zombie the way he was holding but not reading the free newspaper. I could see the words enter his head through the glassy eyes like an odour from the page, and then pour straight back out of his wilted ears. It got me thinking about my own defence mechanisms. What is my escape route? Songs are, was my conclusion, and ‘Reborn’ was written while another man was sat on the tube, holding but not reading the free paper.’

Toe-tapping Reborn transports you to a stress-free place. Plucked strings and cawing horns remind us of the magical sounds of nature.

For more info and live dates visit: http://www.facebook.com/KlakTik

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